Workmen's Compensation Health Services

Prowers Medical Center and Prowers Medical Group are pleased to support our local workers who have been injured in the work place by providing workmen's compensation health services.

Comprehensive Workmen's Compensation Services (Level II Certified Providers) are provided from our Lamar Medical Clinic which is located on the campus of Prowers Medical Center.

All of our primary care clinics: Lamar Medical Clinic provides Basic Workmen's Compensation Services.

Workmen's Compensation Providers
Lamar Medical Clinic 403 Kendall Drive Lamar CO
For an appointment please call: (719) 336-6767
Hilton Ray MD (Level II Certified Provider)

Workmen's Compensation Ancillary Services
Prowers Medical Center 401 Kendall Drive Lamar CO
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy