PMC Home Health Agency

When someone you care about needs skilled nursing care, the prospects can be frightening. Taking all the responsibility on yourself isn't always possible. Prowers Medical Center Home Health Care Services can help. Our goal is to keep families together.

Under the direction of the patient's doctor, we will help coordinate the people, supplies, equipment, and medication essential to assist you in helping the patient recover at home as quickly as possible. In conjunction with Prowers Medical Center, we are committed to ensuring the provision of necessary therapies and referrals to link you with community resources that can best meet your family needs.

As we grow older, we often create just the environment we like within our homes. Home Health services allows you that freedom while at the same time promotes your healing process. We respect your rights and personalize your plan of care in the comfort of your home. Our main goal is returning you to your independence.

Our fully licensed and credentialed staff serve all ages from newborn through over 100 years. If you feel that Home Health is right for you or your family and friends, please ask your discharge nurse to contact our department.

Prowers Medical Center Home Health
401 Kendall Drive, Lamar CO 81052

Phone: (719) 336-6881 or 336-6882
Fax: (719) 336-7089

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