Tobacco Free Campus

Hospitals across the state are demonstrating their commitment to improving the health and well-being of Colorado by restricting the use of tobacco products on their campuses and in their facilities. On July 1, 2009 Prowers Medical Center took that monumental, proactive step and implemented a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy on all of our campuses - whether they are owned or leased.

For more than a decade, hospitals have banned smoking inside their facilities. Prowers Medical Center has taken the next step by banning the use of all tobacco products and has expanded the areas where their use will not be permitted.

The dangers of smoking and the use of tobacco products are well documented. Recent research confirms the role of second-hand smoke in asthma, emphysema and lung disease - even in non-smokers. As a healthcare organization, we serve as a role model for our community in the areas of promoting the good health of our staff and influencing public attitudes about the use of tobacco. Our decision to become tobacco free supports our mission to better serve the interests of the health and welfare of patients, visitors and team members. Although challenging, we believe it was the right thing to do.

We are sensitive to the fact that this change may be difficult for individuals who smoke. While we hope that our PMC Team Members will take the opportunity to quit smoking, we understand it is a choice for each individual to make. In order to make the transition, we have made a variety of resources and support readily available to those who may need them.

We also understand that visitors to our campus are frequently under stress, which increases the desire to smoke or use tobacco products. To assist visitors to refrain from using tobacco while on our campus, a supply of "Quit Kits" containing a variety of products such as gum, candy, toothpicks, stress balls, hand held games, etc. are readily available to help individuals get through their time spent on PMC's campus.

Our patients are our first priority, thus we have worked with our Healthcare Team to develop coping and nicotine cesstion strategies. Upon admission to Prowers Medical Center, you will be asked to notify the admissions staff if you use tobacco. This information will be forwarded to your Healthcare Provider who can make arrangements to provide you with tobacco-abatement products or discuss alternative resources for you.

Thank you for your cooperation in supporting our Tobacco-Free Campus policy and for helping to maintain a healthier environment for everyone.

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