Prowers Medical Center Health Fair

Co-Sponsored by Valley National Bank

The workforce in America's hospitals is a group of hard working and caring individuals who perform medical miracles ... 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

"Compassion - Innovation - Dedication: The Commitment Continues."

National Hospital Week is an annual celebration of the history, technology and dedicated professionals that make our facilities beacons of confidence and care. America's hospitals and health systems are always ready - "Prepared to Care."

Prowers Medical Center takes advantage of this annual healthcare event to thank the dedicated people - the physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists, nurses, engineers, food services workers, housekeepers, office staff, volunteers, administrators and so many more - for their compassionate care. We use National Hospital Week to remind surrounding communities of the essential role the men and women working in our hospital play in caring for their friends and neighbors.

Begun in 1921, National Hospital Week encourages hospitals across the nation to utilize this opportunity to tell their hospital story and to thank the dedicated men and women who make quality healthcare happen.

"A Community Tradition"
Prowers Medical Center has played host to our Annual Health Fair for 35+ years! Valley National Bank has joined forces with us as a Co-Sponsor of the event and it has proven to be a valued community partnership. We have also joined forces with a variety of Community and Healthcare Partners to better educate and inform individuals about the many healthcare resources available throughout our community and make an extra effort to empower them to Take Charge of Their Health!

This Community Tradition provides Health Fair participants from Lamar and the surrounding communities with an opportunity to experience FREE and Special Savings Discounts for a variety of healthcare screenings.

We provided screenings to over 1,000 participants during our three-day event this year! Thank you for being a part of our annual celebration!

Series of Health Screen Blood Tests offered at a new "Reduced Rate" of $25.00 included ...

CBC - WBC, RBC, HCT, HGB - Checks for infection and anemia
Glucose - Checks diabetes
Uric Acid - Checks gout
BUN & Creatinine - Checks kidney function
Na,K - Checks electrolytes
CPK, LDH - Checks heart enzymes
AST, ALT, ALK Phos - Checks liver enzymes
Bilirubin - Checks liver function
Ca++, Po4 - Checks bone health
Total Protein, Albumin
TSH - Thyroid blood screen
Hemoglobin A1C - helps to determine how well your diabetes is being controlled
Lipid Panel - Measures lipids - fats and fatty substances used as a source of energy in your body. The panel measures:
- Total cholesterol level
- Triglyceride level
- HDL cholesterol level - the "good" cholesterol
- LDL cholesterol level - the "bad" cholesterol

Health Screening with Special Savings
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Blood Test $10.00

NEW and SPECIAL attractions added during the 2014 event included:

Emergency Preparedness: Prepared to Care!
Kids and family members had the opportunity to tour the helicopter from Memorial Star on Tuesday, May 13th!

The staff from Lamar Fire and Ambulance and MedTrans had their emergency vehicles on-site all three (3) days!

The crews associated with each helped participants tour their emergency vehicles and ask questions as they demonstrated how our community is prepared for all emergencies!

The new PMG Patient Access Hub was rolled out during the event and continues to grow in membership.

What's a Patient Portal? Contact our staff at Prowers Medical Group at 719.336.6767 to get your questions answered and get information on how to access your patient account online from home or through your Smart Phone.

The Dirty Thirties! Our Cardiopulmonary staff was on hand to explain healthcare tips and resources that help you adjust and deal with the many contaminates that circulate through the air making it difficult to breathe or cause your allergies to flare up.

Heads Up! - Posture Analysis At your next visit to our Rehabilitation Services Department, ask about receiving a Posture Analysis screening. You will receive a visual image of what your current posture looks like and our Rehab Team will demonstrate the best way to make small adjustments to improve your posture and make you feel better.

Dry Needling ... What?!? It's not as bad as it sounds. Let our Rehabilitation Services Team show you how this unique and exciting service works! You'll be amazed at how simple and effective this treatment really is. And it's available right here - at Prowers Medical Center!

Meet Our Providers! Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners would like to meet you! If you are looking for a medical Provider, please call our staff at Prowers Medical Group. Greet them - introduce yourself - and have a casual conversation with them to help build a Patient - Provider relationship that promotes health and well-being to satisfy your healthcare needs.

For additional information or questions about any of the Health & Wellness Fairs offered through Prowers Medical Center, please contact Karen Bryant, Chief Operating Officer / Clinic Administrator at 719-336-5147 or at

Health Fair Sponsors
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